Top 5 Best Dhabas in Murthal for Weekend Dinners (Pure Veg)


Murthal is one of the major attractions on Karnal Highway for its dhabas. The definition of dhaba has changed in Murthal. There, you won’t find simple dhabas where truck drivers used to stop. Murthal has some lavish, fine-dining types of dhabas, considered restaurants in modern times, but they all started as Dhabas for truck drivers in the past.

Nowadays, Delhi/NCR people make special visits to Murthal on Weekends for authentic north Indian food Dhabas. These dhabas have beautiful sitting areas, and the atmosphere is quite lively. They also arrange games and stalls for kids to engage more people in their dhabas.

These Dhabas are located in Murthal near Sonipat on National Highway 44, also called the Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari highway. They are 1.5 hours from Delhi, just a 10-minute drive from the Singhu Border.

Neelkanth Star Dhaba

Neelkanth Star Dhaba in Murthal

Neelkanth Dhaba is a fantastic place in the middle of Murthal for folks who love North and South Indian food. It’s like a food paradise, especially for those who enjoy good meals and tired travellers. Neelkanth Star Dhaba parathas with white butter are among the’s best in Murthal.

Address: Google Map Link
Timing: Open 24 hours
Contact Details: 099922 22222
Price for Two: ₹400–500

Amrik Sukhdev

Amrik sukhdev dhaba murthal 24 hours

Amrik Sukhdev is a famous meeting place in Murthal, India. It’s known for its tasty Indian food, especially the delicious stuffed parathas. People from different backgrounds often gather here. Amrik Sukhdev has become a famous Landmark in the Murthal area, and it is often used as a Synonym for Murthal. In a way, Amrik Sukhdev made Murthal famous for its dhabas.

Address: Google Map Link
Timing: Open 24 hours
Contact Details: 090530 00285
Price for Two: ₹300–500

Gulshan Dhaba

Gulshan Dhaba murthal

Gulshan Dhaba is a well-liked restaurant by the roadside, known for its tasty North Indian food. It’s a comfy place where people enjoy their meals in a relaxed and friendly setting. Gulshan Dhaba in Murthal provides tasty Aloo and Pyaz Paratha served with white butter, which is also called Luni Ghee. Gulshan Dhaba is one of the Best Dhabas in Murthal.

Address: Google Map Link
Timing: Open 24 hours
Contact Details: 09215582139
Price for Two: ₹200–400

Mannat Haveli

Mannat Haveli murthal best dhaba near delhi

The vibe at Mannat Haveli is usually cosy and welcoming, making it a comfy place to enjoy your food. Whether you live nearby and want a familiar place, or you’re visiting and want to try local dishes, Mannat Haveli is a good place for a tasty and enjoyable meal. Mannat Haveli is a grand, lavish dining restaurant, but they still consider it in the Dhaba category as all the Dhabas in Murthal are like that.

Address: Google Map Link
Timing: Open 24 hours
Contact Details: 09254303032
Price for Two: ₹500–700

Garam Dharam Dhaba

Garam Dharam Dhaba murthal timings

Garam Dharam Dhaba is located in Murthal and was founded by Dharmendra, Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta. Dharmendra is a veteran Bollywood actor, and the restaurant’s theme is based on Dharmendra’s movies. Garam Dharam offers a variety of North and South Indian food with a touch of Bollywood. If you are looking for dhabas near Delhi, then this family Dhaba is for you.

Address: Google Map Link
Timing: Open 24 hours
Contact Details: NA
Price for Two: ₹400–700

Which one of the best restaurants in Murthal have you visited? Do share your experience in the comments.

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