All About Dwarka Expressway: India’s First 8-Lane Elevated Road


On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ceremoniously inaugurated the Haryana segment of the significant Dwarka Expressway. This development is anticipated to enhance traffic management and alleviate congestion along National Highway 48, consequently improving connectivity between Delhi and Gurugram.

Dwarka Expressway is a dream project for Delhi commuters. It will significantly reduce travel timing, and make for a pleasant road experience.

Dwarka Expressway Delhi
source: Narendra Modi Twitter

Dwarka Expressway Key Features

1. It is built near the IGI Airport in Delhi to avoid security problems and does not interfere with the airport radar.

2. A tunnel near IGI Airport is 3.6 kilometres long and has eight lanes. This tunnel can handle traffic, about 40,000 cars daily. It also has emergency exits and a special control room.

3. Another tunnel is 2.3 kilometers long and has three lanes. It directly connects to Terminal 3 of the IGI Airport. The part of this tunnel near the airport is designed to be blast-proof, making it safer.

4. The part of the Dwarka Expressway in Haryana is almost 19 kilometres long and costs about Rs 4,100 crore to build. It goes from the border of Delhi and Haryana to Kherki Daula.

6. Most of the Dwarka Expressway, about three-fourths of its 28.5-kilometer length, is elevated. This means it is higher up and separated from regular city traffic. So, traffic moves on three different levels: the elevated expressway, the surface road, and underpasses.

6. One special feature of the expressway is a wide elevated lane 34 meters across. Single pillars support it, and it stretches an impressive nine kilometres.

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