Top 5 Best Cafes in Majnu ka Tila that You Cannot Miss


The Tibetan colony of Majnu ka Tila, or MKT, is situated in Delhi, India. This lively neighborhood is well-known for its Tibetan restaurants, shopping, and culture. Majnu-ka-tilla is officially called New Aruna Nagar Colony, Samyeling, and Chungtown.

Majnu ka Tila is an intriguing Delhi site that gives guests a unique experience and a window into Tibetan culture.

Top 5 Best Cafes in Majnu ka Tila (MKT)

1. Kalsang cafe

Kalsang cafe Majnu ka tila

With its beautiful decor, dim lighting, and perfect music, this charming cafe has become one of my favorites. What’s more, this is quite an affordable cafe. The drinks and desserts are to die for. We really enjoyed Blue Lagoon, rosemary iced tea, cold coffee, and cheesecake. The pizza was papery thin and just melted in your mouth. The Tteok-bokki was yum and authentic. where you will get delicious Tibetan food. The devil chicken momo here is very delicious, and the thukpa is best for Delhi’s winters. The sitting space is also quite good, and you can even work from home here. The service can be a bit slow, but this cafe is still worth a visit.

2. Ama Cafe

ama cafe majnu ka tila best cafe

Hidden amongst the cafes between the lanes of the Majnu ka Tila, this place has some vibes, complemented by nice service and good food. It’s got a nice atmosphere with a Tibetan touch, spacious and aesthetic

Which is well known for its fluffy pancakes; here, chicken cheese sandwiches and blueberry cheesecake are also good. Prices are quite decent won’t say it’s cheap.

This is a cafe of 3 floors, and still, there is a waiting period of 20-30 minutes, so visit accordingly. But now they have a waiting area and expanded the menu and sitting area to the 4th floor, so it’s all good now.

3. Dolma cafe (Dolma’s Since 1984)

Dolma Cafe since 1984 Best Food in Majnu Ka tila

It is a roof top café with the view of iconic signature bridge a beautiful ambiance, services were noteworthy and many Insta worthy corners. Thukpa, Shanghai chicken momos, and Jhol momos are delicious treats and must be tried here. There’s a calming mood created by the design, which is reminiscent of Tibetan culture. The romantic rooftop setting of Dolma Cafe adds a magical touch to the dining experience, making it even more special. Visit this place to experience good food at a pocket-friendly price amidst a lovely aura.

4. Norwang cafe

Best rooftop cafe in Majnu ka Tila MKT

It is a cafe with a Greek concept. in the Majnu Ka Tilla location.  Someplace you can take that particular someone. It’s wonderful to eat outside on the terrace. You can observe the Yamuna River and the well-known Signature Bridge while listening to the soothing sounds of music. Great restaurant with a large assortment of drinks and tasty food. You have to try the chili chicken, peri-peri pasta, and mushrooms. They have reasonably priced drinks that don’t cost extra.

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5. Signature Cafe

Signature Cafe Best in MKT

Majnu ka Tilla, which is well-known for its Tibetan cuisine and culture, is home to Signature Cafe. The cafe offers a breathtaking view of the Yamuna River and the Signature Bridge.

The cafe has refreshing live music. The cafe’s seating layout is warm and inviting. Signature Cafe serves delicious meals. The café is highly regarded for its sushi and coffee. For those who are having sushi for the first time, it is definitely worth trying. In addition, the cafe offers burgers, sandwiches, and pasta.

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